KabUConnect free courses overview

For a long time, I knew about these free courses, but I was hesitant to start them and focused more on videos and books. Just recently I decided to give it a try and finished two free courses

Before starting a course

As of right know there are 12 courses starting from complete beginners topics to more advanced topics. Courses are made that you don’t need any prior knowledge, but I highly recommend watching some videos and reading one or two books before starting.

Any book from Michael Laitman will go hand in hand with these courses.

Check Useful webiste and book section on this blog.

Free courses

Free courses available at KabU.

As of writing this blog post, KabU has two free courses. Both of them are heavily based on youtube videos that can be viewed for free, without any registration. What makes these courses interesting and worthwhile is the curated material that goes with them.

Courses are divided into weeks and each week has different types of material to help understand the topic, below I summarized what type of material is present for each week.

Course structure


All videos in courses (at least in free courses) are publicly available on youtube and KabU website. Most of the videos have a summary and options to download video or only audio.

KabU video with a summary.

Book excerpts

Each week has excerpts from books in pdf and list of books.

Book excerpt download links.

Knowledge check

Knowledge checks usually consist of around 5-10 questions and after finishing you can review your results. Also, tests can be taken multiple times and they don’t have any impact on your weekly progression.


The biggest disappointment, forums are more for introducing yourself, goals that you wish to achieve with this course, reflect what you learned. More like one-time posts, and not so much oriented to long discussions.

Additional resources

Books to buy, more full length videos that fit this weeks topic.

Interactive material

The biggest surprise was to discover visual interactive material. Some of it as tests where you have to drag and drop things in the right locations and some of it as explanatory material, to show sequence and relations.

One of many interactive exercises in KabU. Drag and drop images and text to correct locations.


After dozens of books and countless hours of videos I still found these courses interesting and useful. I decided to buy a monthly subscription to try all courses.

My initial impressions are very positive and I would highly recommend trying these courses www.KabUConnect.com