Tarot card MBTI correspondences

By coincidence or not, there are 16 MBTI character types and 16 Tarot court cards. In tarot reading court cards usually represents people or external forces. Since there is the same number of MBTI as court cards, the next logical thing seems to connect them, I looked online for people that already attempted this and made a comparison table with a summary of how I would interpret these findings.

MBTI character types for each tarot court card based on numerous websites.

From the table, we can see that Queens and Paiges (Princesses) are usually assigned introverted characteristics, while Kings (Knights) and Knights (Princes) extroverted.

In a Summary column, I tried to pick the best matching MBTI based on these four columns. You are right to disagree, there is no correct answer.


200 days of daily tarot

I compiled three sets of graphs: 0-100 days, 101-200 days, and 0-200 days.

I still have 6 cards that I haven’t drawn a single time:

  • Disks 7 Failure
  • Disks 9 Gain
  • Wands 6 Victory
  • Wands 10 Oppression
  • Trumps Fool
  • Trumps Adjustment

32 days without disks, entire May.

Tree of life maintains its beautiful balance, with the same slight lean to the right side.

During 0-100 days there was a huge lack of Queen and Knight cards, however, this changed and now more or less all cards are balanced.

During 101-200 days, after disks, I never drew cups.

Trumps became the most common suit in 101-200 days and in overall 200 days, with Moon, Death, and Tower leading the way, which also happens to be my favorite cards.