200 days of daily tarot

I compiled three sets of graphs: 0-100 days, 101-200 days, and 0-200 days.

I still have 6 cards that I haven’t drawn a single time:

  • Disks 7 Failure
  • Disks 9 Gain
  • Wands 6 Victory
  • Wands 10 Oppression
  • Trumps Fool
  • Trumps Adjustment

32 days without disks, entire May.

Tree of life maintains its beautiful balance, with the same slight lean to the right side.

During 0-100 days there was a huge lack of Queen and Knight cards, however, this changed and now more or less all cards are balanced.

During 101-200 days, after disks, I never drew cups.

Trumps became the most common suit in 101-200 days and in overall 200 days, with Moon, Death, and Tower leading the way, which also happens to be my favorite cards.

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