Thoth Tarot Symbolism and Coloring book: Update 1

9 of Wands Strength

Only two cards are left to draw, after they are done we will do the final revision and review all cards, filling in details and doing corrections where needed.

Simultaniously we are collecting additional information about each cards. So far we have color palettes with color information for each card.

Kabbalah summaries #1

Everyone iritates me

What to do if everyone around irritates me?

If a person is studying Kabbalah, then this is just a period that will go away and the person will change. He will take it as necessary, something he has to go over it. Be humble about it and go forward. If these irritations are given from above nothing else can be done.

Should we be afraid of mistakes

If a person listens and does everything from the depth of his heart and ignores all suggestions, wishes, kind words, if he ignores absolutely everything and listens only from the deepest point in his heart – he will never make a mistake.

I feel that this is true

“I don’t understand anything that you are saying, but I feel that this is true. How to live with it ?”

Let it be like that. When you feel that this is true and don’t understand – this only shows that you are perceiving information correctly.

Kabbalists for centuries talked about things, how they really are, everything they said is true. And we shouldn’t reinterpret these stories from our point of view, but we should let everything pass a bit higher from us (higher in a sense of understanding, we see actions and possible outcomes, but there is still something hidden). Let all of the stories and truths pass near us and let’s observe how Creator swears on us, how he tries to correct us, shows us where and how should we change – and that’s enough.

When Michael Laitman was studying Kabbalah with his teacher also practically didn’t understand anything, he also felt that this is true.

This is how it’s given from above and you can’t do anything about it.

How do you know when to talk, and when to keep silent?

How do things that we say affect us?

They do affect us. That’s why silence is gold.

Should we do some sort of calculation about what we are about to say?

Of course. A lot of problems happen because of things we say.

How to correct ourselves? how do organize thoughts before saying them?

There is a saying, wise man see consequences. And because of that, we must understand what will happen next, if we choose to open our mouths. At first, we should try to see these things, and only then talk.

How do learn to see these things in advance?

In kabbalah, this is solved with the environment. We must create around ourselves the correct environment, it’s best that it was a 10 person group. And in that group, I need to make myself small and work according to the group, for the same goal. And then all my actions will be positive.

6 rules how to reduce neurosis

Mikhail Labkovsky defined six rules on how to reduce neurosis, stop all worries and live. Below you will find six rules and Michael Laitman comments on them.

First rule: Do only what you want to. Just listen to yourself, your feelings, and do everything how you like it.

Comment: Great. It’s hard to disagree with that. Every egoist will agree with that. We never lived like that. We all go to work … Well, it all depends on what you want. If my desires go against other people, against people that surround me then of course there will be a problem. How everyone will look at me when I get all my desires fulfilled.

Second rule: Don’t do things that you don’t want to. Acquiescence and compromises are the first steps before going to cardiologists and oncologists.

Comment: He is correct that inner resistance brings sickness and all problems to our lives. Well, but what can we do about this? We live in this world, we are not sons of kings, we can’t just do anything we want. I struggled a lot in my life because my parents allowed me too much when I was a kid. In my opinion, this is an incorrect relationship.

Third rule: You can’t do this to me, I don’t feel comfortable – this is the correct approach to solve situations. Say this only once, if the person doesn’t listen – leave a conversation, relation.

Comment: I can relate to this, of course, if it’s possible. I too wouldn’t go to work that I didn’t like, I didn’t talk to people that I don’t like, I would do only things that I like. I didn’t say what I didn’t like and said only things that I like. And would say directly to the person that I don’t like this conversation. But I don’t understand how he suggests we should do this.

Fourth rule: Don’t answer, when no one is asking, in the following style: I’m so tired, I don’t have the energy to deal with this. Situations when someone just brings up all issues when not asked about them should be avoided.

Comment: That’s correct, real, and reasonable to do.

Fifth rule: Answer only to the question that was asked, and do say anything more. When you answer only what was asked and nothing more – you look like a confident person.

Comment: Well this can be the correct approach. But then you won’t be able to continue the conversation and people will be thinking that you closed person, egoist, and that’s it.

Sixth rule: In a relationship always talk and comment on yourself and not another person. Don’t criticize others, by doing so you avoid conflicts.

Comment: Great, talk like this.

From all comments, we can understand that these rules are written for people that don’t live spiritual lives. It’s not possible to live by these rules. A surrounding environment will not allow us to live by them and will create situations against these rules. The environment will try to change and reform you. And it’s not correct when I talk only about what I want and when I want.

We must look above ourselves and think, what our environment, nature wants from us. Even excluding us from that plan, where everything is going, what nature wants from us. Nature wants to be absolutely alone and at the same time in rectilinear motion. This means that there exists a state where everything is connected, and in harmony. When we reach this state we will be able to apply parts of these six rules.

After reaching this new state, harmony with nature, six rules that we talked about will be applied automatically in the following way:

First rule: Your wishes will not be yours, do only what is necessary for everyone.

Second rule: Things that you want to do will change so drastically, that you will want to do them, and nothing else.

Third rule: You will start to feel all these conflicts, inconsistencies and you will immediately try to correct them.

Fourth rule: You will start to feel others and very acutely understand if it’s possible to help them.

Fifth rule: You will start to feel other people desires and they will determine your actions.

Sixth rule: Correct, everything depends only on you and you will feel like you are in the middle of the world, that you correct, reform, care about the entire world that surounds you.

Tarot card MBTI correspondences

By coincidence or not, there are 16 MBTI character types and 16 Tarot court cards. In tarot reading court cards usually represents people or external forces. Since there is the same number of MBTI as court cards, the next logical thing seems to connect them, I looked online for people that already attempted this and made a comparison table with a summary of how I would interpret these findings.

MBTI character types for each tarot court card based on numerous websites.

From the table, we can see that Queens and Paiges (Princesses) are usually assigned introverted characteristics, while Kings (Knights) and Knights (Princes) extroverted.

In a Summary column, I tried to pick the best matching MBTI based on these four columns. You are right to disagree, there is no correct answer.


200 days of daily tarot

I compiled three sets of graphs: 0-100 days, 101-200 days, and 0-200 days.

I still have 6 cards that I haven’t drawn a single time:

  • Disks 7 Failure
  • Disks 9 Gain
  • Wands 6 Victory
  • Wands 10 Oppression
  • Trumps Fool
  • Trumps Adjustment

32 days without disks, entire May.

Tree of life maintains its beautiful balance, with the same slight lean to the right side.

During 0-100 days there was a huge lack of Queen and Knight cards, however, this changed and now more or less all cards are balanced.

During 101-200 days, after disks, I never drew cups.

Trumps became the most common suit in 101-200 days and in overall 200 days, with Moon, Death, and Tower leading the way, which also happens to be my favorite cards.

KabUConnect free courses overview

For a long time, I knew about these free courses, but I was hesitant to start them and focused more on videos and books. Just recently I decided to give it a try and finished two free courses

Before starting a course

As of right know there are 12 courses starting from complete beginners topics to more advanced topics. Courses are made that you don’t need any prior knowledge, but I highly recommend watching some videos and reading one or two books before starting.

Any book from Michael Laitman will go hand in hand with these courses.

Check Useful webiste and book section on this blog.

Free courses

Free courses available at KabU.

As of writing this blog post, KabU has two free courses. Both of them are heavily based on youtube videos that can be viewed for free, without any registration. What makes these courses interesting and worthwhile is the curated material that goes with them.

Courses are divided into weeks and each week has different types of material to help understand the topic, below I summarized what type of material is present for each week.

Course structure


All videos in courses (at least in free courses) are publicly available on youtube and KabU website. Most of the videos have a summary and options to download video or only audio.

KabU video with a summary.

Book excerpts

Each week has excerpts from books in pdf and list of books.

Book excerpt download links.

Knowledge check

Knowledge checks usually consist of around 5-10 questions and after finishing you can review your results. Also, tests can be taken multiple times and they don’t have any impact on your weekly progression.


The biggest disappointment, forums are more for introducing yourself, goals that you wish to achieve with this course, reflect what you learned. More like one-time posts, and not so much oriented to long discussions.

Additional resources

Books to buy, more full length videos that fit this weeks topic.

Interactive material

The biggest surprise was to discover visual interactive material. Some of it as tests where you have to drag and drop things in the right locations and some of it as explanatory material, to show sequence and relations.

One of many interactive exercises in KabU. Drag and drop images and text to correct locations.


After dozens of books and countless hours of videos I still found these courses interesting and useful. I decided to buy a monthly subscription to try all courses.

My initial impressions are very positive and I would highly recommend trying these courses

Opening of the Key Spread – Virtual card counting and strings

What is Opening of the Key Spread

One of many ways to use tarot cards to get a deeper insight into reality and what is going around. This article is not meant to be a full tutorial on how to use this spread, rather a quick reference.

Paul Hughes-Barlow introduced me to OOTK (Opening of the Key) spread and instead of repeating all his words, I will just link to books, websites, and youtube channel, check out Useful menu group. OOTK (Opening of the Key) spread.

Explore card string in Blog of Thoth – Academy

Card splitting

OOTK spread has specific way card should be cut, depending on the question/problem specific pile is taken and analyzed.

Stack 1Stack 2Stack 3Stack 4
Step 1.Full deck
Step 2.Top half from column 4Remaining bottom half
Step 3.Top half from column 2Remaining bottom halfTop half from column 4 Remaining bottom half
Splitting cards and pile correspondences

Card values

CardsCountUpwardsDownwardChange directionComment
Aces5ClockwiseCounterclockwiseFive elements
Knight, Princes4CounterclockwiseClockwiseYesFour letters of YHVH
Queen4ClockwiseCounterclockwiseYesFour letters of YHVH
Princesses7ClockwiseCounterclockwiseYesSeven palaces of Malkhut
Minor cards2-10ClockwiseCounterclockwise
Fool, Aeon, Hanged man3ClockwiseCounterclockwiseThree mother letters
Zodiac cards12ClockwiseCounterclockwiseTwelve signs of the Zodiac
Planetary cards9ClockwiseCounterclockwiseSeven planets plus moons
Card counting quick reference table.

How to choose direction

There is no hard rule when choosing a direction. You can use Upwards, Downwards columns from the table as starting direction, you can also choose clockwise or counterclockwise or go in both directions to get more insights.

Changing direction

Let’s say you have 7 Wands Valour Upwards, you will count to 7 clockwise, you stop on 10 Disks Wealth downwards – you will still keep the same direction and count 10 clockwise.

Only court cards change counting direction. Let’s say you have 7 Wands Valour Upwards, you will count to 7 clockwise, you stop on Knight of Disks Upward – you will change direction to counterclockwise and count 4 to next card.

And don’t forget to include current card into count.

Counting steps

  1. Choose any card from the spread
  2. Decide direction: clockwise or anti-clockwise
  3. Find selected card count in the table.
  4. Count in a selected direction, including starting card.
    • If you landed on the card that you have visited previously and from the same direction, the string ends.
    • If you landed on the card that you haven’t visited, go to step 3.

Visual card strings

Using described rules I created a website where you can enter the string of cards and it will display all strings.

You can also press “Random” button to get a random string of cards and observe all relations and different strings.

To get more information about arrow colors and how to enter your own card string into text area, read instructions in “Instructions” tab.

Explore card string in Blog of Thoth – Academy

String with multiple independent strings

Counting clockwise from each card we can see that there are two independent strings.
Looking at the same string as above, but this time starting counterclockwise from each card.

String with court cards changing directions

Landing on court card will change directions. More court cards in string – more often direction is changed and complexity of strings increase tremendously.

Several times found strings with 3 independent strings. Don’t forget to share interesting strings that you find, or if you get string with 4 or more independent substrings.

Additional resources

100 days of daily tarot

For 100 days I drew random Thoth tarot cards, and these are the results. I’m not sure how much I want to go into detail about results, I believe they speak for themself.

I’m still drawing cards and will update in the future with more in depth analysis.

100 days of tarot infographics
100 days of daily Thoth tarot infographics.


All charts are made in HTML with ApexCharts and D3.JS

Let me know if you would like to track your daily tarot cards in a similar way. With some modifications all these charts can be hosted and used by anyone.

Full size image

Thoth Tarot Symbolism and Coloring book

The first book in series of books will focus on fire cards. Following cards will be included:

  • Ace of Wands
  • 2 of Wands Dominion
  • 3 of Wands Virtue
  • 4 of Wands Completion
  • 5 of Wands Strife
  • 6 of Wands Victory
  • 7 of Wands Valour
  • 8 of Wands Swiftness
  • 9 of Wands Strength
  • 10 of Wands Oppression
  • Princess of Wands
  • Prince of Wands
  • Queen of Wands
  • Knight of Wands
  • Art
  • Emperor
  • Fortune
  • Lust
  • Sun
  • Tower
  • Aoen

Each card will have two pages dedicated to it, one full page for drawing and coloring, another page will contain the card itself for reference and all listed symbolism that can be seen in the image itself.

Follow blog for more updates.